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Laundry Room Renovations
We spend on average 5-8 hours per week on laundry related activities, but the laundry room tends to be the most neglected area of the house.
By updating an existing room or incorporating a new laundry room feature into the floor plan, you enhance the real estate value of your home and create a laundry area that is functional, efficient, bright and a pleasant place to work.
Laundry room renovations can be as big or as small as you like.
· We can create a bright and cheery work environment by simply changing the paint colour and light fixture.
·  Our carpenters can add much needed storage space by installing some cupboards above your washer and dryer.
· If the space is available, we can add lower base cabinets beside your washer and dryer, top everything with a counter and you’ll have a work space to fold your laundry while adding even more storage.
· If you hate having to set up your ironing board every time you iron, we can create a fold down ironing board that tucks back up onto the wall, ready for the next use.
Call for your personal consultation and let Multi-Trade Building Services design and create your perfect laundry room


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