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Kitchen Renovations

Did you know that a professionally designed and installed kitchen can add as much as 10% to the resale value of your home? 

   At Multi-Trade Building Services, we succeed in creating beautiful kitchen designs because of our commitment to understanding our clients’ unique tastes, lifestyle, budget and wishes.    We can simply add some new life to your kitchen by replacing your countertop and 
changing the paint colour or we can design and install a complete kitchen makeover.   At Multi-Trade Building Services, we coordinate and complete every aspect of the kitchen renovation project including design, plumbing, electrical, framing and installation. 

 Our team of professionals will help you select colours, tiling, flooring, countertops, lighting and much more.   Call us to schedule your personal consultation.    

Here are some unique and simple, cost effective ways to create a bit more storage in your kitchen:

Kitchen knife storageKitchen cutlery storageKitchen cutlery storageKitchen storage under the sinkkitchen storage 

This type of rack pulls down from the upper cabinet, a location that keeps knives where they are handy for a cook but beyond the reach of young children.

If you've got a deep enough drawer, piggybacking two drawers in the space of one allows you to keep different sets of silverware in one section and meal-preparation tools in the other. In the double drawer shown here, the top section slides on runners mounted inside the bottom drawer.

If you have drawers that are custom sizes, look for adjustable silverware organizers. The type shown here has parts that slide together. You also can find drawer dividers made of plastic and cut them to size with scissors. We have also made custom silverware organizers to suit our client's needs.

The space under the kitchen sink is a challenge. So many plumbing parts are in the way that it often becomes a dark cave. Look to tilting drawers, door racks, stacking shelves, and plastic buckets filled with cleaning supplies to bring order to your cabinet.

Sturdy wooden pegs, secured into holes in the base piece, keep dishes from knocking against each other every time you open or close the drawer.

Trends in Kitchen Renovations

White kitchens are extremely popular and when done right can be the shining jewel in a home. White is appealing because the bright whiteness gives off a “clean” feel, which is especially good in a space that can easily get dirty and cluttered. The same principle holds true with bathrooms. 

White can really pop when offset against a dark counter and appliances. Interest can be added to your white kitchen with dark floors or a vibrant paint colour. With white being such a versatile colour, you can easily change the appearance of a white kitchen with a fresh coat of paint or a new backsplash.

Traditionally kitchen cabinets have been either white or stained. Stained cabinets have been every shade from honey oak to espresso. 2014 brings with it a new trend which is taking the decorating community by storm: Grey. Grey is a beautifully neutral colour which comes with so many options. You can even paint the cabinets or stain them a solid stain colour or even a washed grey look. There are many colours you can accessorize with such as a darker or lighter shade of grey than what's already on the cabinets, white, black, red, a celedon green, or even a cobalt blue or yellow. Next time you're in a paint store, check out all the shades of grey paint and stain that are available. It might open you up to new possibilities the next time you decorate.


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